Friday, July 31, 2009

Witches and Wizards burned near Obama's home Village in Kenya

Supected Kenyan Witches Horrifically Burned Alive
***Warning Disturbing*** NOTE; that the two towns . are in the same Province as President Obama's home Village in Kenya.

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The Story; ...the gang hunted down the eight women and three men in the western Kenya villages of Kekoro and Matembe. This happened during the height of the US primary season in 2008. Other world media showed this and other video on this horrific event, but not the US media. They quickly mentioned it in passing, mainly on their blogs. Same thing happened in Africa, when European Farmers were kicked out of one country. Looting raping burning, then the Dummies starved to death!

Farmers at War

Huffy Puffy post could NOT even get the number correct!

Obama's Kenya connection revealed ?

Before that an Author trying to get at the Roots of President Obama in Kenya;,8599,1847965,00.html

Jerome Corsi has jousted lucratively with Barack Obama, tackling the presidential candidate's reputation with a best-selling if factually challenged book that accuses the Senator of, among other things, ties to militant Islam. But Corsi may have gone a little too far into enemy territory when he flew into Kenya, the birthplace of Obama's father. Kenyan immigration officials deported Corsi, they said, over problems with his visa. They made their move before Corsi was scheduled to give a press conference at which he promised to expose secret ties between Obama and Kenyan leaders, as well as a mysterious plot that would be launched should the Democratic nominee win the U.S. election.....

Corsi also claims that Obama was in close contact with Odinga, advising the Kenyan politician on strategy after the results were announced. Lone claims he was there the one time Obama called Odinga, and says it wasn't to talk campaign strategy but rather to demand that the violence end and that Odinga and Kibaki come to a peaceful solution to the crisis.
The Obama campaign had no comment on Corsi's deportation. It has denounced his book in a 41-page rebuttal. If anything, Corsi seems to have seriously underestimated the broad Kenyan support for Obama, whose father was a Kenyan and who has several half-siblings here. While there is animosity between Luos and Kikuyus — and the tribes were responsible for much of the postelection violence — Obama is immensely popular across ethnic lines in Kenya. Ever since Odinga became Prime Minister in a power-sharing agreement with Kibaki, his own approval ratings have soared.
In a news story on Tuesday announcing Corsi's press conference, the Standard newspaper said the American author's media invitation "makes no secret of the intention to hurl dirt at Obama and undermine his campaign from his ancestral home." Among the scrum of reporters waiting for Corsi outside Kenya's immigration office on Tuesday, one local Kenyan television correspondent was wearing an "Obama '08" T shirt.

"The inclusion of the 'philanthropic' [tour] in Corsi's programme is seen in bad taste and an extension of the campaign to undermine Obama's bid to become the first black American president," the Standard said. In an interview with TIME last week, Obama's half-sister Auma called Corsi's book "blatant lies." "It's reached a point where people will write what they write and people will assume what they want to assume and interpret things the way they want to interpret them, and you can't chase everybody," Auma Obama said. "Otherwise you stop living your own life."

Obama has steared well clear of Kenya and his relations both in and outside of the US since becoming President.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oil Companies & World Economy, Get Ready for a Swift Kick in the ASS

TOP TEN Mortals from the bot cyber world that know what they are talking about;
1- This guy is a fracking genius. Hey, let me make a prediction here for you guys. There's high unemployment that is going higher. Lemme think. That would mean more people out of work. That would mean less money to buy stuff. That would mean less travel to and fro. That would mean anything retail sale oriented would be down. Hey, that would mean oil should go down!!!!!! How do I get on Tech Ticker? Oh, wait, I am!!!!!! I'm a fracking genius like the rest of these guys!!!!! Want more stock tips, go to There's a $15.95 one time fee and a $1.99 usage fee and a $5.99 intellectual property fee every time you read my genius and there is a $5.99 download fee and a $259.99 upload fee and a $7.99 maintenance fee, but it's all good because I will provide you the same advice the pros give you at a fraction of the cost.
2- Industrial production has imploded while the money supply has exploded. Financiers have turned business models upside down across the real economy with their confidence games. Fair warning....Creating money and rigging the financial markets while putting people out of business and workers out of their jobs will only lead to catastrophe.
3- Just wait, once the oil companies are in such bad shape that they lay off tens of thousands, spot fuel shortages will develop and the word BANKRUPTCY will be whispered about 1 or more of the oil companies, the Obama Administration will do the same thing as they did with the car companies. If Cap and Tax, Healthcare "Reform" and other big government "Green" programs succeed in crippling the economy, the odds of that happening would be better than 50-50. The oil industry in the late 90s was not in good shape then, but the rising stock market blunted its effect and kept things from getting really bad in the oil industry.
4- Do your own math.
5- We are going into a financial,.."Armageddon"...Do I Need to Say Anything Else..?????
6- I am so tired of these self-proclaimed oil experts talking about the record "Supplies" of oil on the world markets. What they should report is that Inventories (not supply) are at 25 year highs....Supplies are proven reserves in the ground, and a completely different animal. Inventories are at 25 year highs for a simple reason...oil companies are making a very nice profit by storing oil right now. It has absolutely nothing to do with demand fluctuations. The spread between the front month oil contracts and those of future months (i.e. contango) are relatively high. If you are able to store oil in tanks or on tankers, it is a guaranteed profit by selling the future month contracts and just holding onto the oil. Combine that with the plunge in lease rates for oil tankers since last year, and the profit margin is even higher. Right now, you would be stupid not to fill every tank, tanker, or any other storage device you could get your hands on. That is the simple reason why inventories are high right now. Inventories will start to come down once the spread tightens and tanker rates move higher. I'd would love to see a real expert in oil explain this fact ot these talking head idiots sometime.
7- Lets see .. when oil was skyrocketing in price, these groups were reporting profit levels that shocked everyone. If the crack spread is the difference between crude and refined products, then how can you explain their making HUGE profits when oil jumped to $130+ a barrel? We all know gasoline costs went way up. If the crack spread was the same than as now, they should have made similar profit levels. So where did they earn all that extra profit??? Oh, on their oil / crude operations. They were selling the product to themselves at $130 despite having a cost per barrel to produce from their own damn fields in the $20-$30 range. And they passed that huge profit margin on to the consumer in gasoline costs stating the price of oil is higher. In essence that gouged the consumers for hundreds of billions of dollars. They joined in the bidding frenzy for middle east oil bidding up the cost, as it also boosted the money they could book for their own damn product! They scammed everyone, hiding behind the bid process for OPEC oil, boosting the margin on oil produced in the US to unimaginged levels. This is all just more proof that the oil companies have screwed the consumer, and laws need to be put in place to regulate their pricing.
8- Green energy--THE BIG LIE. The way to wealth is not believing it. The USA and the world will be dependent on OIL for decades to come. BUY oil stocks NOW, or live the poor life.
9- ohhh bull! so their profit margins are just about down to pre bush ddays
10- Obama sucks


Saturday, July 25, 2009

September 29 2009 the Apex of Terror and Deception...starting September 9th 2009 9-9-9, 999

September 29th 2009. The cyber bots are never wrong. They surf the endless Sea filtering the rants, and finding the time surfes. The unofficial actual birth date of Jesus Christ as suppressed by the Golden Goons of Rome, aka Goldman Sachs NYNY, as in bend over lovers, GOLMAN SACKS and SHAGS your ASS!!! mmm mmm mmm. A day of horror, with found old lies. The Apex of deception breaks the levy of Hell wide open. Can you count? CAN YOU COUNT?! 9-9-9 nine nine nine staring September 9th 2009