Monday, November 30, 2009

Dubai Goodbye, waiting for the other shoe... be thrown;

Top TEN Smarty Pants;

1-Dubai is beginning of the Commercial real estate crash, the next shoe to drop. The financial crisis is far from over, governments are just prolonging the pain to give the wealthy time to allocate their wealth. Same thing that the crew of the Titanic for their wealthy.
2-US dollar rally imminent. Most of our money supply is credit. When credit is destroyed, it has deflationary effects. People are having trouble finding dollars to pay off debt. Dubai is going down. It will have ripple effects.
3-You think the amazingly smart bankers that made these loans have already spent their millions in bonuses? Remember, they are so smart they deserve millions in bonuses and could not possibly be replaced.
4- We have the largest economy in the world. There's no country in the world with enough money to bailout us out. The Government predicts it will have trillion dollar deficits for the foreseeable future, meaning they have to borrow the difference. Where's that money going to come from? I just don't see the Chinese being stupid enough to loan us trillions of dollars a year for the next decade. Even if they wanted to, they don't have enough money to do it.
5-UK bank RBS was the biggest unerwriter of Dubai debt over the last two years BBCs Newsnight said. UK government has given them huge bailouts and they are 84.5% state owned now!!! Max keiser calls Brown and Darling the Beavis and Butthead for backing losers....
6-I think they think it is a good time to Shanghai lenders. Dubai is notorious for not paying workers, why not screw the lenders if times are bad and they aren't willing to fight back? They probably didn't factor in the global backlash.
FEY FEDERAL RESERVE YOUR NOT FOOLING ANYONE: Here's what Chris Carolan, our European and Asian-Pacific short-term analyst, has to say about the situation: "The news is uniform in ascribing Dubai World's debt announcement as the cause of the Thursday and early-Friday decline. And yet that news came out late Wednesday with little immediate effect on prices. Conspiracy theories are not our stock and trade, but it does seem interesting that the market train left the tracks on the day when the Federal Reserve was away from its desk. And it also seems important that this decline uniformly reached around the world into every equity, commodity and foreign exchange market...." [European Short Term Update, Nov. 27, 2009]
8- Dubai Isn't that the country George Bush wanted to sell our New York and New Jersey Ports operation too ? Good thing public outrage stopped that transaction otherwise our security would be one of the assets being liquidated in bankruptcy to who we would not know
9-It's fun to watch the Euros squirm. Their necks are out a mile in Eastern Europe and Dubai. Next up should be one of the former Warsaw Pact nations rolling over. Then the fun really starts!

10-Who cares about Dubai. Drive some more China built Hummers and soon enough thanks to global warming the waters will reclaim Dubai completely. Actually there is no global warming, it’s really a return to the norm and people built where they shouldn’t have.

Satansays; "Ahhh yes let the commericial Real Estate shoe, now start falling!"
2010, it's only going to get REAL bad, the great sucking sound continues unabated, end of the recession? BWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, but a bunch of ASS Clowns.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Annoying Orange 2: Plumpkin

Hey I should try that some time...
Hmmmm what would Satan do? I know I know !...

HEY HEY Jesus, how's it hanging up there?


Monday, November 9, 2009

China says where is MY MONEY SONNY ?

The Chinese invented paper money; a German invented the printing press; and an Italian invented the Ponzi scheme; and we are the Melting Pot.

Satan Says; "Goldman SackYOU" is about to lay their big down card soon. MERRY XMAS you lovers!