Sunday, January 9, 2011

Satan's 2011 Predictions & Sunday January 8th Shooting

Terrible horrible, nine year old dead. That's the worst horror of the day, in a measure of infinite pain.
So? Why is there a toxic Political tone? By all means hang the nut job!
As for gun rights did said nut job have a permit to carry? Probably not! As for cross hairs and rhetoric I can tell you left footers about a certain Left leaning Talk show host who went along with a caller who wanted to blame Sarah Palin for MJ's drug induced death. Also another commedian who said she would like to hire a rapist for Palin during one of her NYNY visits.
How did this troubled young fellow get such a fire arm? FBI checks are routine, he had a past?!
As for the shooting, what were the Police in charge of the area doing? Like it or not in a free society you have to be ready for the nut jobs. Flaming rhetoric is a two way street, and that was not the time for a Law Enforcement Official to inflame passions with his poorly tied statement to the Media, right or wrong. As for the health care protests I recall a lot of violence coming from the Left Blue Shirts, kicking a Black Man in the head while he tried to hand out pamphlets and ripping peoples shirts off..
As for Shooters Hinkly and Jim Jones were both democrates, and there was no apparent heated rhetoric or Tea Party then. What about Obama's bombing Buddy Bill Ayers?
Again regarding the Tea Party for the most part has been concerned about an out of control debt. Incidently if you do not believe me check out the gentleman who runs the youtube InflationUS site and his Tea Party like concerns. By the way he is Black and he is very right in both ways.
As for other things like people going after Obama over his natural born citizenship status, that whole Rant was started by one of Hillary Clintons close followers, a Democrat by the name of Philip Berg!
And if any of you think someone decent, Tea Party or not would condone such a horrific shooting, then you should try thinking out of your little BOX So before you want to shoot your mouth off like the Cop with the mouth about rhetoric, instead of being ready with his peace maker when he heard the obvious call to arms. Two heroes had to tackle this Jack ASS? Where were the Cops? With all these apparent previous threats... they should have been there. Ya go ahead blame it on the Tea party and talk Radio, wait until the dollar crashes from this spend and burn strategy. See whom you blame then!
PS Nut Job Gun Boy's favourite book was the Communist Manifesto !
1- Obama gets challenged about his real birth certificate, they pretend it is missing, to bate the Republicans. However, Obama resigns before it is presented. he presents it when he resigns over a multitude o economic and foreign afare blunders. Massive riots in US streets, lots and lots of blood. Police loose control in many States, undergound wolf packs form of white supremists, and other wild men. SEE Road Warriour
2- Middle East on Fire Politically. many nations including Egypt and Saudi Arabia, UE all Fall, about the time that Canadian Troops leave Afghnistan. Iran explodes a crude Nuclear device.
3- US dollar begins to colapse
4- Obama resigns by 2012, does not run for re-election
5- by end of winter 2011 Gas to over $100/barrell partly due to collpase of US dollar.
6- by Summer 2011 Gold up over $1750 US/oz