Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Past Predictions and 2010's

Well not too bad I think check them out at the beginning of my blog, back in very early 2009.

As for 2010;
  1. US Fed forced to stop printing money by foreign concerns.
  2. Unstoppable decline in US dollar. CDN dollar reaches $1.50+
  3. US Dollar replaced as reserve dollar by basket of currency to include Yen, CDN, Rubel and other Kings of the North. PM of Canada Steven Harper to be named Anti Christ. He's my BOY!
  4. Canada amazes world with new utra high speed weapon system, developed in tandem with Russia
  5. Canada considers Russia to be more democratic and capatalistic than US in 2010. Same with China. China's and Canada's economy explodes with Russian while Canada and Russia come to agreement over North Pole resource concerns.
  6. Soverign wealth fund moves completely out of US dollar.
  7. Gold maxs at $2,500+/oz US, silver hits just under $600.
  8. Oil up to $120+/gl US
  9. US gas prices exceed $4/gl
  10. Lots of urban riots in US cities. Parts of Detroit, LA, NYNY, Chicago are semi permanently closed off to Police protection. National Guard is rolled in and called back from mid east.
  11. 10,000 US Troops placed on Mexican US border. 2,000 Canadian Troops placed on Canada US border.
  12. TWO 911's USA, one Canada, SIX in Europe/India.
  13. Iran detonates 1st A bomb
  14. North Korea detonates 2 more A bombs
  15. Severe and bloody backlash against Islamic terrorosts around world, particularly in China. China accused of enthnic style cleansing.
  16. Obama forced out of office, resigns voluntarily. Pelosi trys to take over Prez reigns after contested 2010 results in her district, but is outflanked by Clinton. Hilarious political catfight but Clinton comes out on top. By the way VP found too ill to step in.
  17. Two new parties walk into congress after 2010 election. Now 4 parties in the beltway.
  18. Health Care legislation goes down in flames.
  19. War in middle east escalates dramatically with four more players getting into it and screwing up oilflow. Canada and Russia greatly benefit, they become even more cozy cozyski.
  20. Real Estate collapse tolls in 2nd GREAT depression. To last forever, the new normal, only 25% of polulation, less Gov workers to be gainfuly employed. Security services, guns for hire, replace most police forces. Parts of US Cities to become free fire zones. US looks more like Africa than ever before. Racism and related crimes sky rocket. yep that was sure some CHANGE all right. From 1st world to 3rd world in just 2 years.
  21. Canadian Banks buy up a pile of US properties and banks.

PORN to be the major #1 export for the US economy.

See all my other predictions for 2009 etc, set up earlier on this blog, just move em forward.

Merry Xmas and happy New Year

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