Friday, March 18, 2011

Rollover 1981... world economic collapse

OK you Sheepeople, wakey wakey ol Satan say he have a wake up call for you. Ya Right, Godzilla like crisis in Japan, but Japanese Yen is skyrocketing vs US dollar?!
AND, Gold is rather mysteriously being pulled down. OK YA RIGHT Uh Huh, am I the only one with a pair of eye balls on this little comment board. From the movie Roll Over with Jane Fonda.
"Smith later discovers that account 21214 is actually a slush fund where Emery is moving money belonging to the Arabs into gold as a safe haven against potential losses if the dollar collapses. The Arabs are extremely worried that if anyone finds out their assets will vanish in a public panic as American currency becomes worthless." Do you smell what the Soros is a cookking?
Also why is the President out and about celebrating? YA RIGHT!

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