Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2011- The Sucking Sound Continues

2011- The Sucking Sound Continues

marginal propensity to consume
marginal propensity to save
GOES marginal !

8 Economic Bubbles to Burst;
sub prime 1.5+ trillion
Emerging market debt 5t+
credit card debt 2.5t+
commercial real estate 25t+
foreign exch derivatives 56t+
credit default swaps 58t+

total of 200 t Global GDP = 50t

2011- With developements in CGI, you will not be able to tell a CGI person from the real thing

2011- New ineffective laws to regulate production and sale of new CGI videos.

2011- developement of 3D holographic imagery for the home display demo at show, for sale in 2012

2011 big inflation, >20% in parts of Europe and USA, south America >30, Middle East, >60%

2011- Gov Gold Grab, the Big GGG.
When the Gov takes your gold they'll say of course it's so that you don't get burned, as gold begins to flutuate rapidly up and down like a YO YO

2011- US retreats from middle east

2011 new US inventions barely keep US economy a float, unemployment now varies from 10 to 60%+ across US.

2011- new third US Party takes hold, pushing most of Republican support out in the dump, and even up to 25% of Democratic support. Things like re-establishing the Bill of Rights, freedom of speech and a Flat Tax gain favour by the New Party.

2011- by end of 2012 World Population starts to drop. Civil War in Canada starts.

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