Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome to HELL Sinners

Well, here they are right off the bat, most of my predictions for, 2009 [the year of Satan] up to and including 2012. As for 2013? WHAT 2013 ?!?!?!? BWA AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Read em and Weep Pilgrims;

2009 year of SATAN
2009- Fun Party BIG Party starts the Political NEW Year, BUT, with confused words
2009- TWO wars in 2009 in Middle East involving mass troop movements. Several major Air and missle strikes.
2009 - grief hits family of major Florida Movie Star, bad year for Celebs over all...
2009- major nuclear reactor failure major scrum in Eastern Europe or middle east 2009-10
2009 and 2010 martial law declared in at least 12+ major US cities
2009- commercial real estate collapses by end 2009
2009- collapse of four major north american airlines
2009-by end of 2009 birth of new internet based Erotic fullfillment system. Will help with the slow but steady economic recovery in 2010. Will take economy 5 years to get out of this depession/recession period 6 MORE Bubbles burst, and anew arises
2009- Oil back above $80/b by Winter 2009, terrorist incident and war driven, demand for oil in US still low
2009 many many more suicides thanks to Bernie madoff 90+ billion scandal
[[lucky lottery numbers for Jan 09 feb etc]]
2009 to 2010 another two 911s+
2009 by Fall 09 colapse, total of american dollar, good news is, US dollar is still tops, worldwide
2009 NASA claims to find Earth like compatible solar system, with a possible Earth like planet
2009 mid way rebelion squashed in Middle east Iran and death of many celebrities in June
2009 Trains trains new Rail and Wind Farms for US, Major MEGA projects rproposed by O.
2009- by Dec 2010, new pandemic in Asia, over 200 million perish
2009-major US earth quake centered in two areas, at the same time, one in California one in NW 2009- major troop movment and clash along southern us mex border
2009 Bin ladin we find has been dead for overtwo years

2009- conservative majority in canada 2009. conservatives get backing of Quebec by considering eventual removal of monarcy.
2009- official employment rate at 25 in much of US by Xmas 09
2009- inflation, edges up over 12 by dec/09
2009- Homicide rate in some major US cities more than doubles.
2009- goes down as one of the coolest years on record. global warming advocates feel some back lash and ridicule from public in general
2009- total collapse of Euro economy by FALL 2009
2009- major historical cosmic occurence involving Sun, and earth's magnetic field. 2009-10
2009- by 2010 or early 2010, parts of US become embroiled in civil militaristic conflict
2009- Barrack O honey moon over by Fall 09
2009- highest level of volcanic and sesmic activity throughout the world in recorded history
2009- TAX revolt in three major US cities.
2009- Depresion declared official by Dec 2009
2009- spot famines in Europe by 2009-10
2009-10 major hurricaine devestates major west coast Florida City or cities, 1000000 plus forced to evacuate. HOWEVER Low level of huricaine activity in around rest of Florida area.
2009- Credit card crash by 2009-10

2009-10 Nuclear device of some sort ignited in Middle East
2009-10 inflation up to nearly 20% in some parts of North America and most of Europe.
2009- new gun laws and gun bans inacted by late 2009 early 2010

end of 2009- Oil back around 100+ per barrel [in 2008 US dollars]
2009- Bernie Madoph, Bernie Bernie, we find out he's been funelling money to a certain Eastern Country.
2009- In Fall 2009 all HELL breaks loose

Speaking of 2010, Satan land continues...

2010- NYNY gets hit by Hurricaine
2010- CNN will have to open up another channel making three to cover the bad news of Satan's BIG previous year
2010- Majority of news papers and TV stations will consolidate and or go belly UP !
2010- US draft started, by FALL 2010
2010- the year mother nature gets real pissed off! South America and Africa worst hit by Mom's backlash

2010- major back lash over proposed imigration amnesty, sparks pocketof conflicts
2010- 21+ US States draft legislation to seceed from Union. 6 vote on it in late 2010
2010- anti semitism reaches 1930's levels
2010- say Hello to the 3rd world BO and USA
2010- right wing back lash throughout North America and Europe. total martial law in several Euro countries
2010- west coast gets hit by typhon
2010- Gold and Silver nationalized/comfiscated
2010- famine strikes entire Afican continent. south african forces mobilized.
2010- 6 major US Sports Teams colapse by Dec2010
2010- pandemic spreads to north america
2010- new restrictive brodcasting and internet laws enacted.
2010- major vietnam like conclict evolves across iraq and afghanistan
2010- cure for aids found, too bad everybody in Africa is starving :(

2010- North vs South all over again, like in the 50's especially
2010- Two nations that like to change names go at it...DUCK

"Michel de Nostradamus" ain't got nuthin on SATAN !!!


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  1. No offence, but exactly how far up your own arse is your horned melon?
    You're not even predicting 3 years ahead and you're awfully wrong - AWFULLY!
    I think a class of grade schoolers could do better.
    You give the devil a bad name - loser!