Friday, October 16, 2009

Down up over 10,000...and...mmm mmm mmm

FALLING, Bank of America [Bank of America's global card services unit loss widened significantly to $1.04 billion from $167 million a year ago.
The loss in the bank's home loans and insurance division grew to $1.6 billion from $54 million a year ago, as credit costs continued to rise.], Halliburton, Sony, etc etc

Top TEN Genious remarks;

  1. The worker drones still believe in their 401k plans. Now that's laughable!
  2. V shaped.. boom time.. buy investment properties and FLIP em.. it's time to move DOW going to pffftttt.. who needs jobs... the Market is all that counts AND IT'S BOOMING... don't worry obama will take care of the market... want a job? that is so last administration.. don't need no stinkin job with obama.. LOOK, HE IS GIVING $250 BUCKOS OUT NOW.. obama has OBAMASTASH.. see what he did in deetroitt... obama STASH... is all that's needed and obama has it.. plenty of STASH.. so the MARKET is the winning lottery ticket.. get with it and praise the market... these 'fake ' unemployment figures... just trying to diss obama .. obama has GREEN AND SHOVEL READY JOBS FOR EVERYONE.. AHHH.. LIFE IS GOOD, THE MARKET IS UP AND OBAMA WANTS TO GIVE FREE HEALTH CARE AND PEOPLE ARE BALKING AT IT? HURRUMPH... LET'S SING MMM MMM MMMM
  3. Big deal...Dow 10,000...what is there to realistically celebrate? It's only illusionary wealth as the US dollar isn't worth as much as the paper it's printed on. The banks are back to big bonus and earnings thanks to the US taxpayer bailouts and companies show an increase not because they increased earnings but because they have cut working hours, scaled back inventories and cut job positions. The US hardly manufactures any tangible items here in the US...where are the jobs? New bubbles are being created and isn't it why we are in this mess in the 1st place? Rah Rah Dow 10, 000....nothing has truly improved.
  4. Wall Street and the executive class have been able to skim the returns out from under shareholders of public corporations because the new investor class is comprised mostly of ignorant passbook savers, not real, knowledgeable investors. Thus, ten years with negative real fact, negative nominal returns, if you add in transaction costs and carrying charges.
  5. A surge in the gold price cometh, perhaps imminently. In the next several weeks, the gold price might jump quickly to the $1500 level. A contact with excellent access to gold transaction information and developments has shared that the sharp price rise could come very soon "due to certain transactions that are being consummated at this very moment. Even if the Boyz try to hold own or depress the price, it will do them no good. The pressure that has been built up is uncontrollable. We shall see some big banks hit the wall very soon (weeks/months). The market will take over in very short order from here on forward." A phase has begun to remove illicit corrupt controls on the gold & silver market, from demand of physical bullion. The same source told a story about events at the London Bullion Market Assn. That market is to London what the COMEX is to the United States, both deep in corruption and government interference, where grossly inadequate metal inventory exists to maintain their charades of markets, each dominated by paper pricing. They manage paper markets for syndicates in total illegal operations. Several large gold futures contract holders are demanding physical delivery in London. The LBMA does not have the metal in inventory. The officials have offered the futures contract holders cash plus 25% dividend for settlement without gold delivery. The contract holders refused. They want their fuchn gold (using a French term by the source, my unique palatable spelling)!!! There was very high volume involved in the contracts. The standoff is not settled. It could go to court. The London authorities are trying desperately to keep the story from hitting the press. It helps to have the syndicate in control of the press networks. The Bank of England and one other European member central bank are working feverishly to fill the contract order, but unfortunately they are using very old gold bars that are reportedly only 90% gold. That invites a new potential challenge. The gold market could soon explode and possibly work toward a convergent fair market. My hint is that it is Germans and Swiss with other Europeans are working diligently and pointedly to kill off the US-UK bank nazis. A LBMA and COMEX bust and default is visible on the horizon. See the Jackass article entitled "Hitman Contracts to Bust Comex" (CLICK HERE) dated in May 27. It would include big bank ruin and legal prosecution. The same source hinted that the ruin of commodity exchanges could coincide with the bust of JPMorgan. So, based upon the London incident, gold has a real price of near $1300.
  6. Now all you brainiacs, where do suppose those Obama bucks come from,, , TAXES, which, have to go up, because spending never goes down, wait until that shoe drops!
  7. Dollar hit a new low again today. Coinkydink?
  8. Here is a theory?, when the DOW goes to 10,000+ the Volume drops, as stock becomes over-valued, inflated, no substance (Sep 08), with no where to go? Ergo, drop the DOW to 6500, as in March, then there is the Historical factor to rely on that the Market will go back up to 10,000 the following Oct? Buy Low, Sell High, Bubba! No Fundamental base, just cyclical deviations & fluctuations of Quantum Sector Analysis (QSA). But, this time, the Harvard School of Case Studies, has trained Pavlov's Dog! Say you Dr Greg?
  9. Alot of investors are about to cash out - I've already done so. You're a fool if you are invested in a market where the S & P 500 P/E ratio for the 3rd quarter is at 139, only eclipsed by it's 2nd quarter performance at 144. Historically, any market with a P/E ration over 20 has soon come crashing down. The price to earnings ratio can only be adjusted down in three ways; earnings improve, stock prices fall, or some combination thereof. FACT: the P/E ration is a time-tested primary indicator for investing in a stock and we are in the most price-inflated market, but not overbought curiously enough, in the history of the markets. Stocks are NOT cheap and anyone that argues this point is an imbecile. Meanwhile, the dollar keeps crashing down to new lows. Combine this with all the money the Government is printing, and sooner or later (more likely sooner) logic will actually prevail in the market and the manipulation of the markets will come to an end.
  10. Not all traders are making money. Stock market is a zero sum game. When you sell high, someone else buys high. Aggregate result is 0. Only the few traders will make money at others expense. You think you can beat Goldman? Read on then:


""Bad news on losses all of you that bought stocks cheap sell quick before all the rich people that bought tons of stock decide to unload and make mega bucks // dow at 10,000 that's what they were waiting for the bears are going to stampede really soon""

SATAN SAY: "Buy some Canuck Bucks NOW, and make a bundle ! " are
all dum dums, the stocks are only going up in relative value, as the dollar plummets, relative to the basket of currency. Ahhh yes the basket of currency, made in China.

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