Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Merry Christmas Prez Obama

10 smarty pants on fire...

  1. There is nothing real about this recovery. It is totally built upon government influx of funds into the markets. Not to mention Uncle Sam is borrowing money from other countries to make us feel like all is well. That practice is going to end soon enough.
  2. The policies pursued by this administration are no different than they would be if a Republican administration were in office. Many view this as a GOP vs. a Democrat thing. It is not. Both administrations receive the same advice which is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of economics and our money system. These problems WILL NOT be resolved until the aforementioned is understood. This is unfortunate because it need not be this way. Read more at
  3. I work, I save, I buy something. When I lose my job I won't work, I won't save, and I won't buy anything more than the basic necessities. Anybody else on this plan?
  4. It's funny watching people try to combine two different goals in the same sentence. The global elite are accomplishing their goal of redistributing global wealth and increasing central control along the way. They are successfully using double speak and fiat money to confuse the slaves along the way. In the end, a small group of men will control the resources, including human resources (numbered slaves) of the entire planet.
  5. If the 'recovery' isn't real what is to stop "them" from faking a boom post tax hike. It is all a con game anyway. Recovery now, Boom time tomorrow in the matrix.
  6. Interesting article. I read an article in the local newspaper saying how the region unemployment actuall dropped from 10.8% to 10.1% from September to October. The editor further propagandized the masses by quoting much of the recent Wall Street successes as further indication of great things coming. When studying the employment picture, the drop was FACTUALLY attributed to people just giving up trying to find work and rolling off the dole.The Wall Street estimates are all laced with much merriment and hubris for the future, whereas the present shows something quite different. Governmental programs designed to stimulate have enriched foreign auto companies, Wall Street sharks, Crooked Banks and more politicians than are revealed, or exposed. Posters have bragged about their huge profits since March which brings them back to 60% of where they started... and they are now getting ready to ride the wave to even greater wealth. You still haven't figured out that jobless recoveries are not recoveries. You still need to deal with jobs or the Federal Debt grows. Regardless of what you want to believe, that is not being addressed. If anything, the government is responding very slowly to infusing money into the small business environment. What is incredulous is the fact that this administration is willing to allow the suffering of the middleclass to the extent it has. These are the people that voted these bums into office and these bums literally shit in a bag and told them it's lunch. Surprisingly, the people accepted it?? People have been out of work for a long time and all this administration knows how to do is extend benefits. Extend benefits and jobs go offshore and guest workers are coming to this country in huge numbers. The NEA gets stimulus funds to further education while college tuition goes up across the country?? A thank you to the NEA for the support maybe? Recent college grads with huge debts are finding the job market bare as the guest workers come in and take their jobs. The college grads are another group strongly supporting this administration and no one considers refinancing those student loans, while deadbeat subprimers get all of Barney Franks' support. Yeah, let's all worry about the Federal debt, healthcare, Cap&Trade, banks, and Wall Street. The actual heartbeat of America, the people that put this administration in office, is getting tossed aside as Wall Street and the Banks make huge amounts of money from the sheeple... I now understand why people say never underestimate the stupidity of the American voting public.
  7. The Bailout is a small recovery (bubble) that the government has created to slow the markets downward trend. Don't be fooled, bad debt is bad debt. It doesn't go away easily like we would like to believe without the economy feeling the pain and going through the corrective movements that will eventually bring us back to a prosperous economy. But first thing is first. Although the banking industry and government would like you to think , and has been taught for the last 100 years, that Debt is the only way to grow the economy, it is BS. Growth through debt financing allows banks to make easy money and HUGE margins and Government to give "good" reasons to tax the H--LL out of Americans when it all falls apart. Cause you know, we gotta save the economy through big bailouts after the banks make their fortunes. Big banks win in this game either way. And taxation is not only good for the big banks but it is good for big government!
  8. What continues to make me chuckle about this is the fact that people can't seem to differentiate between the Market and the Economy. Connected...but it should be obvious to EVERYONE at this point that they are CLEARLY NOT THE SAME THING. True, stocks are doing great, considering most are rebounding from historic lows. But, why don't you talk to one of the millions of people with an underwater mortgage or a newfound "employment problem" and tell them just how great everything is right now. Hooray, ONLY 263K people lost their jobs last month! I don't know about you, but I feel like celebrating! Ahh, good times...good times.
  9. The Democrat policy is based on democrat logic. Can you expect anything different? They think they are being abused by the real producers and they are going to get it back for the the deserving. I wish They realized that they themselves are hundreds of times more abusive than the other party. and it appears 100's of times more dishonest. But they will not because beliefs are what all religions require. And Democrats are a very religious group of people who ignore the facts and act on their own beliefs. Ironic many of the samre people who try to crush Christianity because it is religion also worship their own beliefs. With the ignorant in charge, you can expect more of the same stupidity until reality hits hard. Have no fear: excuses for what is will exist until they fail to find excuses that blame others. And they have a very big imagination!
  10. this market recovery has never been real // This is just DUMBO-Ma throwing money into the market through other people so it does not get traced back to the FEDS because it's illegal // eventually the $$$ will run out // and by the way he is using our money // when the $$$$ runs out this market will come crashing so hard that people will be jumping out the windows because they will be ruined

SATAN SAYS "Have a great last Thanks Giving Meal" the way, "Bank Earnings UP but Manufacturing in the the F_CK does that work?"

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