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Huddle Huddle here come the Goldy Fuddle...Oh my it's getting real close to September 9th 2009

...isn't it?

The best of the best top TEN;

1- "The Obama administration recently announced the U.S. budget deficit will be $9 trillion during the next decade; $2 trillion higher than the original forecast." Folks, please remember that this is the Obama Administration's forecast. Government projections are always going to be understated (for political reasons) well below what the actual deficits will turn out to be. Our unfunded future Federal liabilities now stand somewhere between 60-100 TRILLION dollars. Welcome to Argentina, my friends.

2- Obama appears to me to be determined to push through his plans to satisfy his own ego..he cares nothing about the average citizen, young or old..I am glad I am 82 years old, my fear is for m;y grandchildren and their children saddled with his does not grow on trees and his printing press could break down.

3- And there goes the American dream. Too bad we don't know how to make anything, our AG products are only good enough for heavily processed "food" put in bags or boxes, we depleted our oil reserves for the sake of bloated cars and pickem-up trucks and our government is run by lobbyists. If only we could sell our expertise is buying junk on credit, throwing it away and replacing it with more junk. What is really sad is a relatively small group has made a mess for our children. You know the one's, they either got bailed out or will walk away owing nothing due to the wonders of our legal system.

4- yep, and the sooner they stop trying to patch the broken parts of the old economy, and finally start thinking about getting back to basics, and building the new, the sooner we willl be out of trouble. All this borrowing probably added years to the depression we are in or heading into.

5- We are at the edge of the cliff. You can not borrow your way to prosperity. Government should have had a plan to save America AFTER the depression. The depression cannot be avoided in the current monetary system. If FED inflates credit supply for 50 years without underlying fundamentals, it is bound to deflate, Great Depression style. The debt burden on the tax payer is so high, nobody can spend anything anymore!

6- Obama does have a clue. He's doing exactly what he said he would do and precisely what his socialist mentors have inculcated.

7- Unfortunately Mr. Davidowitz is right on track. The rise in the stock market is due to excess liquidity in both the Chinese and American investment banks (day trading). Individuals are not driving this market.

8-Oh the doom sayers will love this one. TT is all about you today. You asswipes keep listening to this negative spin while I take your money in the market. LOSERS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So why do you care what the “losers” do? You’re better than them and wealthier, too, right? So why don’t you just enjoy your superiority and success? It’s because the party you’re at is dead, isn’t it, and you’re trying try bring more people in to liven it up, right? You don’t fool anyone, LOSER.

9- And the politicians say " I love spending someone elses money, I get millions in kick backs through my lobyist friends/family or just award contracts to companies I or my spouse owns. The media regurgitates whatever I tell them so if you or your company want my endorsement you gotta pay me. Who's going to stop me; voters, tea parties. Give me a break, I own the media, academia and acorn, so what if it's not in the media I never hear it, academia keeps cranking out clueless liberals and thanks to acorn I don't need your votes anymore either. And the best part is, unlike in the private sector, results don't matter. Life is Good".

10- Obama have no clue on the economy, his self deity ego and his followers are completely and utterly destroying the american culture and if he is not stop soon America will for ever be a third world country. this guy is the worse of presidents to ever step in the white house, we all knew he was not qualified for the job and you voted him in, now is time to pay the price for it. God save us all!



Obama's Spending Spree, Budget Numbers "Have All Gone Mad," Analyst SaysPosted Aug 27, 2009 09:00am EDT by Heesun Wee in Investing, Products and Trends, Recession, Autos, Housing
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When retail expert and all-around economy watcher Howard Davidowitz appeared on Tech Ticker in February declaring the worst was yet to come for the U.S. economy and that Americans' standard of living has changed permanently, our comment boards lit up.
But surely with the latest rally off the March lows, bearish Davidowitz is more bullish, right? Not a chance. Look at your financial history books.
Two of the biggest rallies of more than 40 percent occurred during the Great Depression, says Davidowitz of Davidowitz & Associates,a retail consulting and investment banking firm. "People were sucked in and ultimately were destroyed," he says. It's a warning to today's investors, who are hoping to extend the rally.
Don't get Davidowitz started on the economy or fundamentals. "Barack Obama's numbers have all gone mad," Davidowitz says. The Obama administration recently announced the U.S. budget deficit will be $9 trillion during the next decade; $2 trillion higher than the original forecast.
And, the proposed price tag for health-care reform? "Minimum $3 trillion," Davidowitz says. "One trillion? Are you kidding?"
Stimulus binges? Roller coaster equity performance over years? Stubborn consumers holding out for sales as deflationary pressures loom over the recovery? Sounds like the U.S. economy is turning Japanese, Davidowitz says.

AND MORE ABOUT GOLDY, see September 9th 2009, 18th and 29th 2009.

Goldman Subpoenaed on Huddles

Massachusetts Official Worries Tips Leave Some Clients at a Disadvantage
William Galvin, Massachusetts's chief financial regulator, has subpoenaed Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs Group Inc., demanding information on the firm's weekly trading huddles between its research analysts and traders.
Mr. Galvin, the Massachusetts secretary of the commonwealth, said he is concerned that the huddles, in which Goldman's research staff give verbal short-term stock tips to the firm's traders and then its clients, disadvantage some Goldman customers.
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"We have concerns about the research analysts and the efforts under way to use them to secure additional business," Mr. Galvin said on Wednesday.
The huddles, which were the subject of a page-one article on Monday in The Wall Street Journal, also are being examined by both the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority -- the industry self-regulatory body known as Finra -- and the Securities and Exchange Commission, according to people familiar with the matter.
Internal documents reviewed by the Journal show that at times, these short-term trading tips differed from Goldman's long-term research. Critics complain that Goldman's distribution of the trading ideas to its traders and major clients hurts other Goldman customers who aren't given the opportunity to trade on the information and may be relying on the firm's longer-term research to make investment decisions.
The huddles, and what is discussed during or after them, currently aren't disclosed in Goldman's long-term research. On Monday, the firm internally discussed adding information about the service on its client Web site.
Some firms also give stock ideas to clients but disclose the service in their longer-term research and on their Web sites.
Mr. Galvin's subpoena, also reviewed by the Journal, asks for a host of internal Goldman documents related to the huddles.
A Goldman spokesman declined to comment. In the Monday Journal article, a Goldman spokesman said ideas that arise from the huddles are simply "market color" and "always consistent with the fundamental analysis" in published research reports.
In 2003, Mr. Galvin was one of several regulators involved in negotiating a $1.4 billion settlement with 10 big Wall Street firms, including Goldman. The firms were accused of issuing overly optimistic research in a bid to win more lucrative investment-banking business.
Mr. Galvin on Wednesday said he is concerned that now the trading arms on Wall Street are putting undue influence on research analysts to win business. "Even the term 'huddles' sounds suspicious," he said. He said his investigation may expand to look at practices at other firms.
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Satan SAYS: "Combinations of low trading volume and rising interest in a small group of stocks by short-term investors, most of them using high-frequency trading strategies , creating a market where what you see is not what you get. Currently, the market value of stocks has little to do with the performance you are currently watching...THE COMPUTER PROGRAM IS QUICKER THAN THE EYE "

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