Monday, August 17, 2009

Top trend statements for economy

Satan says listen to this;

1- You ain't seen nothing yet. It's not just a matter of running for the exits, its a matter of preparing for survival. Finance and economics has split. Economics will win in the end, if you play the game of finance instead, you are toast. For heavens sake America, produce something!

2-The only suckers are those that listen to Henry Blodget (see link):

3-When you present PE ratios you must always state clearly what earnings are being used: trailing, current, or projected ... and from what time span they are actually taken ... and most especially in times like these.

4- Know your gurus. This second collapse has been predicted by those such as Felix Zaulauf and Robert Prechter.

5-You need to wait for the earnings reports to reflect actual productivity results, not cut-to-the-bone-and-reduce-headcount results. 1Q2010 would be a good time to evaluate the true picture, not the manufactured one we see here. We will be able to see how the one-time govt deals in first time mortgages and clunkers have played out and measure the effect the stimulus package has had on the economy. Now is just analyst hype, pundit Informercials and political posturing.

6-Until the Fed allows interest rates to normalize, consumer sentiment will continue to sag. Spenders using low to no interest for their purchasing power represent the current consumer. That's pretty much how we got into this mess in the first place, and certainly is not the way to get out! When the consumer with actual disposable income starts to buy, then we start to recover. That won't happen until interest on consumer savings rises to free market levels. Consumer interest on savings is a big part of discretionary disposable income.

SATAN SAYS..."The Great Sucking Sound Continues !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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