Friday, May 20, 2011

Headline "China Is Now Top Gold Bug"

Ya Right forget communism vs capitalism. The frakin Canadians and Sweds are more Cap Savey than Obumer World. Speaking of Capital Swill. Most of our overpaid Demon and Repo Cats are Lawyers and Swindlers. In China most of the Ruling Class are Engineers, X Military Men and Scientists, along with the odd mix of Commie Directors. ZERO diversity, all the same colour, plus all the same color weight, shoe size religion [or lack there of] etc etc.
plus can see beyond our Walla Walla Street Bull ...So? who will win World War three as fought in the economic Cyber stratosphere? Prez Cluk Cluck Ohh Bummer and company or an ancient single minded race over 2000 years old?

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  1. By the way my Native Chinese Ancestors came across to North America on yeee olllddd land bridge near Sarah Palins House :) YIP YIP YIP